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For foreign companies

Import goods to Russia

The service of importing goods into Russia for foreign companies is not that rare in the Russian business environment. Today, the vast majority of businesses operating in Russia have the need to import materials, goods or services.

Assistance with executing an international trade transaction with Russian Federation for foreign companies and Russian suppliers

What is included in the service of import into Russia
For foreign companies

Fast request processing and an Import Contract between the parties prepared with today’s realities in mind
Customs and import duties calculated according to the legal acts of the countries involved in the transaction
Necessary permits processed for all foreign trade transaction parties
Legal control over document processing and full compliance with current legal acts and international regulations
We take care of the logistics of freight delivery according to contract terms and guarantee customs clearance in the receiver’s country
Control over compliance with international law and currency exchange regulations when goods are paid for in the currency specified on the contract
We determine the stages and payment procedures that would be convenient and beneficial to both transaction parties, with Russia’s current legal acts complied with
Assistance in negotiating delivery terms based on Incoterms rules, new EU requirements and current legal acts of the Russian Federation

Clients trust us

For a few years, TIM EXPO has been helping large and small businesses take care of all arrangements related to foreign trade transactions on the international market.

Our company specializes in foreign trade activity in the CIS and Customs Union countries, while working daily to expand the reach to Germany, other areas in the EU and EAEU.

Why use our assistance with imports into Russia
For foreign companies

TIM EXPO specialists have a lot of experience managing foreign trade documentation, and will be happy to save you from the bureaucratic procedures. Practically all documents are processed by company specialists under your control.

TIM-EXPO is one of the leaders in foreign trade activity management in Russia.

On a daily basis, we help hundreds of goods leave different countries and become part of the international trade network. We take responsibility for cargo delivery and provide guarantees of goods safety.

95 % of our clients have returned to us for help with their foreign trade needs. Most clients sign long-term contracts.

Still have questions?

Please fill out the contact form or get in touch with us any other way that’s convenient to you. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the legal matters, logistics or other specifics of importing goods into Russia for foreign companies.

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