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Cases of the company with foreign trade clients
  • Organization of foreign economic activity
  • We supply products and goods of partners
  • We buy goods in the EU, work with customs

Cases of the company with foreign trade clients

We offer to transfer the full package or part of the work related to foreign economic activity to the specialists of the TIM-EXPO company. We will help to qualitatively conduct import and export foreign trade transactions for foreign and Russian companies. We supply products and goods of our customers and partners at special prices
Июль 2022
Организация экспорта для ЧП «STIMUL MED» в г.Ташкент
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Организовали экспортную поставку для клиники в Республике Узбекистан, которая обратилась, с запросом на организацию внешнеторговой сделки, на поставку медицинских аппаратов для механотерапии. Менеджеры ТИМ-ЭКСПО оказали помощь в подборе оборудования по каталогу производителя, и полностью организовали поставку.

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Foreign trade consulting is assistance in conducting foreign economic activity, advising enterprises, managers and management personnel on legal and financial issues of organizing foreign trade transactions. Experienced professionals act as consultants. The main goal of TIM-EXPO is to organize practical assistance to its clients.

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