ВЭД в условиях санкций 2024!. Экспорт из России. Импорт из Китая, ЕС, СНГ, ЕАЭС
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Your foreign trade experts taking care of all aspects of international trade:

    Correspondence with foreign partners,


    Transfer of transaction objects to the foreign trade party.


TIM EXPO is a company that specializes in making international trade arrangements covering the whole range of export and import operations. We know our way around the complex system of international restrictions, and know just where to locate information about the barriers a business has to overcome when entering specific markets.

At Tim Expo, we have the answers to your questions on how to take your products to foreign markets and choose delivery terms for an international transaction. We help businesses sell goods outside of Russia the right way, without any mistakes in documenting transactions.

We also have all the tools needed to arrange imports not only from the neighboring countries, but also from the EU and countries as far away as South America, with which we have practical experience.

Принимаем на работу стажеров

Для работы: на удалёнке, в офисах городов, Сочи, Москва, Челябинск

Обязанности: от холодных обзвонов и продвижения компании, до менеджера по ВЭД и таможенного брокера

Требования: качественное образование, желание учиться. Можно отправить информацию о себе и амбициях на карьерный рост - сообщение попадет к директору.

Tim Expo does not just operate as an intermediary in your foreign trade activity, expert advice to help you start your way in foreign trade —

you will get enough information to get a general idea of how things work. We make no secret of the fact that the most convenient customer to us at Tim Expo is one who orders turnkey service. By consulting you, we will not make you an expert in export and import operations. If you choose the less expensive way of starting out in foreign trade on your own, having studied the laws and taken special courses, you will need sales representatives, product certification agents, logistics specialists. Our company is happy to help take care of this part of your foreign trade operations, as long as you don’t go hire customs representatives from another company after getting correct consultations from Tim Expo.

Мировая торговля развивается и глобализируется

International trade is developing and getting globalized — locating desired goods on foreign online platforms, contacting the manufacturers or sellers and negotiating a deal with them is not that hard. Getting samples mailed to you, calculating the price and choosing a delivery method is quite easy too. Sometimes,

However, the main obstacle for a novice importer is the Russian customs with its fees, regulations and fines for violations, as well as the bank, which may request that you provide other documents besides the contract, invoice, packing lists or transportation waybills.

Семь сложностей и ограничение доступа к международным рынкам

Нарушение экономического роста бизнеса России

Санкции 2022-24 приводят к снижению объемов импорта и экспорта, многих торговых и производственных компаний России. Компания ТИМ-ЭКСПО - обеспечивает решение множества проблем, как для экспортёров, так и для импортёров России. Самый короткий слоган ООО «ТИМ-ЭКСПО» - HELP ВЭД, мы поможем не только в организации внешнеэкономической деятельности, используя стандарты Incoterms 2020, применим все средства современного законодательства. Обеспечим параллельный импорт, экспорт через третьи страны, закупим нужную продукцию в ЕС и Америке, продадим - только с учетом оплаты таможенных и логистических услуг! Мы не занимаемся бизнесом своих контрагентов - Тим Экспо упрощает решения, для проведения внешнеторговых сделок.

When providing turnkey service, Tim Expo doesn’t just identify the issues likely to occur, but solves those issues in the legal field, using the experience and knowledge of its foreign trade specialists
Полный пакет документов на груз за 24 часа

Full shipment documentation in 24 hours to ensure smooth border crossing

We make import or export arrangements in the shortest time regardless of the direction, ensuring effective interaction with customers and contractors at all stages of international commercial activity. Urgent and complicated cases are resolved 24/7. Transaction speed is maximized and services are provided in the shortest time possible.
Экспорт/импорт «под ключ»

Turnkey export/import service from goods search to shipping from our warehouse

The cost of services and goods calculated. Contract signed with the foreign and Russian contractors. We support transactions in USD, Euro, Rubles, and convert currency when purchasing goods. We ship and provide all supporting documentation, logistics to the customer or safekeeping.
Корпоративная репутация и качество услуг ООО «Тим Экспо»

Tim Expo LLC corporate reputation and service quality

By helping its clients with international trade needs, Tim Expo directly or indirectly influences the work of its principals. Tim Expo LLC has earned a reputation of a reliable stakeholder — 75% of new customers in 2021 came by recommendation, 60% are repeat customers.
Быстро адаптируем ВЭД клиента

We quickly adapt your foreign trade processes to market changes and new legislation

Our foreign trade managers focus on specific countries, strictly following the required documentation formalities, while staying on top of the potential risks along the whole path of your shipment. We ensure timely customs clearance and compliance with contractual obligation terms for all transaction parties.

By providing export assistance, Tim Expo helps bring Russian products onto international markets

The exporter’s production efforts, product quality and marketability aren’t enough to solve the problem of getting the product distributed abroad, on European, US and CIS markets. The seller and the buyer don’t have to negotiate every detail separately. Instead, they can just choose a ready-made package of delivery terms – one line of text that describes the rules governing the transaction, EXW Moscow Russia (Incoterms 2020), which means the goods are placed at the buyer’s disposal in Moscow, at the seller’s location.

The EXW rule works for you if you have agreed that the buyer will pick up the goods from your warehouse, will arrange the shipping and take care of all customs formalities – both in Russia and abroad – but your foreign partner may not agree to such terms. The importer may prefer that the seller take care of delivery arrangements, and that situation has rule sets that can be used instead: CFR, CIP, CIF, CPT, DAP, DPU, DDP. All of these rules and their descriptions are available in the Incoterms reference guides that are updated every 10 years. Time Expo specialists have great command of the foreign trade language — the different rules available for international transactions, and can select the best option for your product and the transaction as a whole.

TIM EXPO — Tim Expo is your navigation system allowing you to overcome all barriers and fulfill all requirements in your international commercial activity. We use our experience and knowledge to support all stages of a trade transaction between businesses from different countries.

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