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Organization of foreign economic activity
Your foreign trade assistant or assistant who understands international trade:

    we erase the boundaries between businesses of different countries,

    opening up new markets

    increase competitiveness and marginality.

All services

About all services of assistance in the organization of foreign economic activity

Стираем границы между бизнесами разных стран,
открываем новые рынки повышая конкурентоспособность и маржинальность

Entrust the process to foreign trade professionals

Let Tim Expo’s foreign trade experts take care of part or the entire document package for your company’s international trade activity. We can prepare the full package of required documentation to import or export goods across the border.

What does assistance services include
organization of foreign economic activity?

Highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience working with contractors from a number of foreign countries work
Preparation of the necessary documents, as a rule, takes only 24 hours, there is experience in solving particularly complex problems in the shortest possible time
We are ready to offer the most profitable and convenient option for the delivery of goods, taking into account the wishes of the participants in the transaction and expediency
TIM-EXPO LLC guarantees secure settlements with counterparties in any form of foreign exchange transactions

Why do you need a partner for foreign economic activity?

Make work on international markets efficient and predictable, integrate marketing, sales and foreign economic activity into the working mechanism of the company

Which companies are especially
interested in foreign economic activity support services ?

Services to support foreign economic activity will be especially relevant for:

Companies that, due to the specifics of their activities, need to import

Purchase of imported components or spare parts for stable production activities of the enterprise

Companies that export their products abroad

Export of the main and even a small part of the produced goods abroad requires a professional organization of foreign economic activity. Professional approach to the organization of foreign economic activity

Business owners who do not have an appropriate foreign trade unit in the state

Minimize or get rid of losses in general, reduce customs, legal and financial risks when sending or receiving international cargo

Businesses that come to the site of foreign economic activity for the first time

We start cooperation already at the stage of foreign economic activity consulting. Faced with the organization of foreign trade activities, for the first time, without the help of experienced specialists, it is difficult to do

We are trusted

As part of the package of services for foreign economic activity, large firms, medium and small businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs turn to our company. Each of these business entities can save a lot of money by outsourcing foreign trade logistics. We work with retail, wholesales and purchases, we will help with any amount of work.

Our company is engaged in foreign economic activity with countries CIS and the Customs Union, and also works daily in the direction of opening new countries for organizing foreign trade transactions of clients.

What are the stages of the transaction
within the framework of foreign trade services?

The first is to receive an application for the implementation of foreign economic supply

The first is to receive an application for the implementation of foreign economic supply

Calculation of the cost of export or import of cargo, appointment of a personal manager and drawing up an agreement, signing an escort agreement. Helping our clients conquer the global market

The second is fixing the nuances of the foreign trade transaction

The second is fixing the nuances of the foreign trade transaction

We create a foreign economic contract that contains all the conditions for trading between counterparties. Issuing an invoice or invoice sent by the supplier. Our managers act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, check the data in the document, verify the fulfillment of obligations

Third - shipment from the warehouse, as well as delivery of goods

Third - shipment from the warehouse, as well as delivery of goods

After receiving the advance payment, the seller sends a packing list containing complete logistics information about the product. We will carry out the subject of the transaction along the entire foreign trade route

Fourth - the passage of customs procedures

Fourth - the passage of customs procedures

We will settle the problems of overcoming the Russian border by goods. Our specialists are ready to control the procedure of cargo declaration at foreign customs, through a customs representative abroad.

The specialists of the TIM-EXPO company have extensive experience in working with foreign economic activity documentation and are ready to save you from going through a series of bureaucratic procedures. Almost all documents are drawn up by employees of the company under your control

Stages of operations
within the framework of foreign economic activity

Our experience shows that each transaction requires an individual approach. However, there is a basic package of services, which includes:

Organization and holding of meetings

with foreign contractors on the delivery of goods from Russian partners.

Drafting and conclusion of contracts

international transactions for the supply of goods and services.

Outsourcing of money transactions:

preparation of invoices, control over payment for the delivery of goods and the goods themselves, as well as assistance in passing through currency control.

Complex of logistics services:

delivery of goods to any warehouse in the world, payment for the work of local forwarders.

Passing customs control

and full legal advice at all stages of the logistics process.

Mediation in opening a foreign currency account

we will give reasonable recommendations or open it in the bank of your choice.

Control over the implementation of monetary transactions,

in particular, payment of an advance and full settlement under the contract.

Buying goods in the EU,

we will work out any nomenclature of import for your business

Generalized price
foreign trade assistance

cost in rubles
Export on a turnkey basis (Service of the contract holder) includes the execution and execution of a foreign economic transaction under the contract of TIM-EXPO LLC
Countries of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan): from


Uzbekistan: from


Other countries: from


Turnkey import (Contract holder service) includes the execution and execution of a foreign economic transaction under the contract of TIM-EXPO LLC
Countries of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan): from


Uzbekistan: from


Other countries: from


Consultation or transaction support:

includes full or partial consulting and methodological support of an export / import transaction, brokerage services, paperwork and verification of documentation, optimization of logistics and customs payments, selection of a TN VED code, calculation of customs payments and duties

depending on the type of work: from


Certificate of origin of goods in the form "A"


Certificate of origin of goods in the form of "ST-1"


State Registration Certificate (SGR): from


FSTEC conclusion: dated


Drawing up a foreign economic contract: from


Registration of a participant in foreign economic activity at a customs post, formalization of statutory documents: from


Logistics services (The following information is required for the calculation: Nature of cargo, route of transportation, cost of cargo, special conditions for transportation) Price on request
Due diligence of the Russian supplier and verification of goods before shipment from the Russian supplier: from


Selection of the TN VED code indicating the list of necessary permits: from


Calculation of customs payments and duties: from


Product search in Russia and other countries (special conditions)


TIM-EXPO is a full cycle agency for the launch and development of foreign economic activity.

Every day, through our mediation, hundreds of goods cross borders to become part of the international trade network. We are responsible for the delivery of goods and give guarantees for the safety of the goods.

95% clients came to us again for help in carrying out foreign trade activities. Most counterparties enter into long-term contracts.

Do you have any questions?

Entrust the work to professionals in the organization of foreign economic activity. Fill out the feedback form or contact us in any way convenient for you. Our specialists will answer all your questions regarding legal, logistical and other nuances of partnership.

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